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Ten X Personal Training


When you stop and look in the mirror, truly look, are you able to give your self the time and attention you want or deserve? No matter what stage in life we are at, it's NEVER too late to start putting ourselves as a priority. To focus on our health and our body so we can live our best life possible.  

Work, children, and activities are making it increasingly more difficult to focus on the vessel that carries us through it all. Life itself throws curve balls at us that leave us stiff, sore, and not operating at 100% of our capabilities.  At TenX flexibility drives our training style. Choose from in-person training or online and virtual personal trainer to ensure your health success!

I am focused on making physical training or rehabilitation plans to fit my clients lifestyle and scheduling needs. No matter what your level of experience, we can build a plan to accomplish your health and fitness goals.  Whether it is regaining mobility, strength or toning our goal is to help you achieve YOUR goal!

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